The transition to Medicare can be a big source of confusion. We are prepared to educate you and provide the resources needed in order for you to make the best decision that fulfills your individual needs. Medicare is not just when you retire, when you turn 65 (in most cases) you will need to know what part of Medicare you need to enroll in.

Did you know that Medicare is not automatic. If you don’t sign up on time they may face a late enrollment penalty. We can alert you to Medicare enrollment periods. Medicare also won’t cover everything. Medicare can leave vital gaps which makes supplement insurance essential. Also, with Medicare alone there is no limit to out-of-pocket spending. We provide you guidance on selecting supplemental insurance.

Medicare doesn’t cover your long term care needs. Many retirees don’t understand that long term care is not covered under Medicare. And yet retirees and Baby Boomers are worried about long term care. We help you evaluate options designed to pay for long-term care.