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Our objectives are to help you preserve the capital you’ve worked so hard for; position those assets for a lifetime of income and protect that income from inflation throughout your life.

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An Independent Retirement Income Planning Firm

Serving Individuals, Families, and Estates.
Do you have a plan?
Investment planning and retirement income planning are not the same. Kingman Financial Group focuses on a singular specialty — Retirement Income. Do you have plan? Is your plan going to generate enough income? Will your current plan produce income for a 35-year retirement? At Kingman Financial Group we help individuals just like you achieve reliable, safe, lifetime income for retirement.

what we do

We believe education is the key for our clients. As such, we will discuss and explore options and find the ones best suited for you and your unique situation.
I love educating and teaching people how to protect their investments and make the most of their money.
- Ryan Moore
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